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Level 1 - $69.00

First Contact HR will create an employment screening package to fit your unique hiring needs. Screens are available at a low-cost, with a very quick turnaround time. Clients may select report components individually or by package. In order to maintain consistency and avoid preferential hiring practices, clients prefer standard packages designed for specific hiring levels and associated risks.
Our level 1 package includes the following:

Identity Validation
Applicant’s Social Security Number is verified against Consumer Credit Bureau databases, reporting state and date of issue, previous addresses and employers.
Comprehensive Criminal Records Research
Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Convictions are searched and reported.
Job Applicant Survey (Integrity Testing)
Measures applicant's attitudes regarding theft, drug usage, violence, attendance, punctuality, initiative, reaction to authority & customer service to determine his/her fit into your work environment, or
Skills, Knowledge & Aptitude Testing
Industry specific general knowledge & cognitive skills test measures typical requirements of entry-level jobs, such as basic math fundamentals, basic knowledge of U.S. monetary units, basic business vocabulary, and minimum reading competency

5-Panel Drug Screening
Includes SAMSHA Certified Laboratory Confirmation and Medical Review Officer Consultation. (Negative results are reported immediately) 
Customized Photo ID Badges
Customized to adhere to client specifications printed on PVC card stock. 

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