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Superior Client Service

superior-client-serivce-firstcontacthrFirst Contact HR is dedicated to superior client service. Our telephone responsiveness speaks for itself. Call us and speak to a live person or receive a call back the same day.

We have developed long-lasting relationships with hundreds of client organizations and it is our goal to retain them through superior client service, industry-leading expertise, investment in technology and cutting-edge human resource solutions, fast turnaround time, accurate reporting and legal compliance.

It is our mission to become the preeminent provider of human resource solutions.

When an employment arrangement goes bad, its root cause can usually be traced to the hiring process. Any business that performs reasonable due diligence before making a hiring decision markedly enhances its chances of success. First Contact HR operates around the notion that employers have a need and a right to know about the individuals they are bringing into their organization —the consequences of not knowing are potentially devastating, especially for smaller businesses.

In some cases, employers lacking a full-time, in-house human resource department understand that they ought to establish a screening program, but are not sure how. First Contact HR is the only full-service, pre-employment screening company available to local employers combining background screening, drug testing and human resource solutions under one roof. First Contact HR is a one-stop shop, offering fast, accurate, comprehensive service at a convenient, no-appointment-needed location.

All services provided are available nationwide. For clients with multiple locations, our services can be accessed remotely through our secure web site, and our network of affiliated drug collection facilities.

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